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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Post the First (in which our heroine tries to come up with a witty name for her new blog)

Tries and fails.  Miserably, as you can see by the pathetic attempt at a name I finally came up with.  Anyway, welcome to my blog.  I probably should have thought this through a bit better, rather than being seized by a fit of boredom today and going "Hey, I'm going to start a blog!  What the hell, I could be the next Julie Powell in a matter of weeks!"  But hey, what's done is done.  Here follows a little background on me, and on the crappy name I foisted on my poor, misbegotten blog:

Well, I'm a 29 year old Dub, living in Tullow.  Married to the long-suffering, patience-of-a-sainted Emmet, with three Boxers of dubious mental capacity.  I'm completely obsessed with all things food-related, and this blog was originally meant to be a food blog, but I couldn't think of any remotely clever foodie names for it, so I ended up with a blog named...

Ruminations:  Cause I've been accused in the past of having Tourettes of the thought process.

Rugby:  Cause I'm a huge fan - come on, Leinster!!!


Ruination:  Because I'm currently between jobs, but refuse to accept that this means I can't drink as much wine as I like or have fillet steak twice a week.

Clever, eh?

(That's your friendly correspondent below, btw, with the husband looking a bit less than impressed with something.)

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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