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Monday, 15 August 2011

Post the Eleventh (in which our heroine reflects on a weekend of pigginess)

The rag on a stick cometh.  Tribeca yesterday.  A house party on Saturday.  Chinese on Friday.  Lunch in the Two Sisters, also on Friday.  Did I mention I don't even like Chinese food?  Didn't stop me eating it, though.  Lunch out and a takeaway in one day *shakes head*.  I'm disgusting.

Here's a picture of that lunch.  I wish I was eating it again right now.

And here's some bellinis.  Yes, more shameless filler.  There was a disgraceful lack of cooking over the weekend.

I'll make with the recipes again from tomorrow, I promise.

Good news!  I have a job interview next week - I really, really hope I get it, otherwise, if you're passing Leeson St. at night over the next couple of months, giz a wave.

A bientot, mes amies.

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